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What are the differences of heavy calcium, light calcium and nano calcium in coating application?

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In addition, with the development of calcium carbonate industry, there have been many special coatings calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate is a kind of physical pigment widely used in coatings. It can not only reduce the cost of coatings, but also affect many properties of coatings, such as changing the mechanical strength of coatings, improving the water resistance of coatings, etc. it is the main functional filler of civil and industrial coatings.

1. Heavy calcium carbonate


Heavy calcium carbonate is a kind of filler widely used in coating industry in the world. The annual consumption of heavy calcium carbonate in China's coating industry is estimated to be more than 400000 tons, among which building coating, paper coating and powder coating are the areas with more consumption of heavy calcium.

Because most of the application places of heavy calcium do not have very strict requirements on fineness, the heavy calcium appearing on the market at present is generally not treated by surface treatment. However, due to the poor fluidity of powder coating, superfine heavy calcium carbonate should be generally modified. Some coupling agents, such as titanate, or phosphoric acid, surfactant, aluminum sulfate and sodium hexametaphosphate, are often used as modifiers. Sometimes fatty acids are also considered together. In recent years, there are also some examples of using polymers as surface treatment agents.

Through the modification, the amount of calcium carbonate can be increased by 20% - 50%, and the luster and leveling are increased. Because heavy calcium carbonate is nontoxic, it has a market base in powder coating, such as children's car, toy, etc.

In the field of architectural coatings, the main purpose of using heavy calcium is to reduce the cost of formulation, especially for ultra-fine heavy calcium (12 μ m), which can replace some titanium white pigments (it is generally believed that the ultra-fine heavy calcium promotes the dispersion of titanium white). Because the oil absorption value is relatively low, the high hardness, whiteness and covering power give the coating good hardness and resistance after film formation Moreover, when the particle size of the powder is about 1 μ m, the influence of heavy calcium on the gloss is relatively small. At this time, heavy calcium can be used in high gloss coatings, and it is easy to flow to promote coating processing, and the amount of resin is also relatively reduced.

The filling rate of calcium bicarbonate is high. It can be used for primer and putty to fill holes and improve the burnability of primer and putty and the gloss of finish. However, the chemical resistance, brightness, luster, leveling, hardness, color stability (the influence of weather resistance) of the coating are improved after the use of micro refined heavy calcium in the finish.

Because most of the heavy calcium used in architectural coatings is considered to replace titanium white pigment, the whiteness is required to be higher, generally no less than 95%, and the micro refined heavy calcium should be about 97%.

In anti-corrosion coatings, heavy calcium is often used together with light calcium. The existence of heavy calcium is only to adjust the CPVC value of the coating.

2. Light calcium carbonate


Compared with the heavy calcium, because the light calcium is synthesized artificially and its crystal form and composition are easy to control, it can give light calcium various functions. The relatively high specific surface area makes the reinforcing effect of the powder in the coating much better than that of heavy calcium.

Ordinary light calcium is mainly used in anti-corrosion coating except for building coating, paper coating and powder coating. In addition to being used as filler, ultra-fine light calcium also has certain water resistance and corrosion inhibition. It is estimated that over 100000 tons of light calcium is only used for various anti-corrosion coatings (including ship coating, container coating, vehicle primer, bridge and steel structure anti-corrosion, etc.) every year.

At present, the light calcium sold in the market for conventional coatings is generally untreated, and these light calcium are easy to sink and agglomerate in the coatings. Light calcium manufacturers can consider appropriate treatment of light calcium. Of course, the selection of treatment agents should be cautious. Most of the surface treatment agents can improve the dispersion of light calcium in coatings. However, due to the different interaction with film-forming resin, only those treatment agents have good compatibility with resin, and the mechanical properties, chemical resistance and heat resistance of the treatment agents themselves are different The treatment agent can be used only when the light resistance and other properties are guaranteed.

The raw materials used for coating are not only the price. After the performance is improved, coating manufacturers generally pay more attention to the cost performance.

3. Nano calcium carbonate


In recent years, with the rise of nanotechnology, nano calcium carbonate, as a cheap nano particle, has been one of the hot topics in the coating industry to be applied in order to improve the performance of the coating. In particular, the establishment of many 10000 ton nano calcium carbonate production lines in China is an urgent need to find applications in a series of fields including coating.

Compared with the traditional heavy calcium or light calcium, although the cost of nano calcium carbonate has increased significantly, it is still at a lower price compared with other common pigments and fillers. Especially after the nano-sized calcium carbonate, the changes brought by the coating reinforcement, transparency, thixotropy, leveling and other aspects are more concerned by coating manufacturers.

(1) Architectural coatings

Due to the phenomenon of "blue shift", nano CaCO 3 can shield ultraviolet light in latex paint and achieve the effect of thermal insulation. The anti-aging property of the coating has been improved. When applied to exterior wall coating, the coating shows strong "hydrophobicity". The cracking strength and pollution resistance of the coating were enhanced.

In general paint formulations, there are a certain amount of rigid particles, some of which are quite large. The presence of these rigid particles will lead to the over concentration of stress in the film, resulting in cracks in the resin. The introduction of nano calcium carbonate will lead to more contact rates between the resin, more microcracks and elastic deformation, and more impact energy will be converted into heat energy Absorption, thus improving toughness.

By adding 2% - 5% nano calcium carbonate with special polymer surface treatment to the traditional latex paint, it is found that not only the rheological property and opening effect of the paint have been improved, but also the water resistance, washability and hardness have been greatly improved, and the increase of washability shows the increase of geometric progression. The surface structure of the coating was observed by means of electron microscopy, infrared and thermal analysis. It was found that there was no new chemical bond in the coating, but the crystallinity of the polymer in the coating and the compactness of the coating were improved obviously.

At present, nano calcium carbonate produced by Japan's Baishi, Italy's SIMM and other companies are mainly used to modify the performance of water-based emulsion paint.

(2) Anti stone coating and finish for automobile chassis

Because the nano calcium carbonate particles dispersed in the coating are extremely small, under a certain volume fraction, the number of particles increases sharply, the average distance between particles decreases, and the chance of any two particles entering the mutual attraction area increases rapidly, resulting in the increase of viscosity. When the material is under stress, the sliding between a large number of particles attracts more impact energy, which is reflected in a wider temperature There is a high damping value in the range, and the treatment agent layer on the surface of nano calcium carbonate can effectively transfer and relax the stress on the interface between organic and inorganic substances, so as to better absorb and disperse the impact energy. In consideration of the flexibility of the treatment agent, the mechanical strength of the film is improved.

For example, the nano calcium carbonate produced by Shanghai Building Materials Group New Materials Co., Ltd. is applied to the anti stone impact coating for the PVC underbody of Shanghai Volkswagen car. The coating has the following properties: broadening the scope of glass transition zone, showing high damping value, good thixotropy, ideal tensile strength, elongation at break and yield stress.

4. Development trend of calcium carbonate in coating application

(1) Nanochemistry

Due to its nano size effect, large specific surface area, high activation state of surface atoms and high interface interaction with polymer, nano calcium carbonate can obtain special modification function when added to the coating.

(2) Functionalization

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of quality of life, consumers have higher requirements for product functions. High performance and multi-function have become the development trend of coating industry.

Adding nano calcium carbonate and nano ZnO into the coating system can make the coating have the function of anti bacteria and anti mildew, at the same time, it can improve the weather resistance of the coating and greatly improve the comprehensive quality of the coating.

(3) Surface modification

Surface modification is one of the important and necessary deep processing technologies in the production of calcium carbonate. It is also an important means to improve the application performance, applicability, market and consumption of calcium carbonate.

For example, the application of nano calcium carbonate particles in coatings involves the compatibility between nano materials and substrates, the obvious differences between the film-forming substrates of coatings and polymers such as plastics and rubber in the types, quantities and molecular weights of functional groups, which leads to differences in the surface polarity of polymers and the interaction mode with pigments and fillers. In order to apply nano calcium carbonate in coatings successfully, it is necessary to modify the surface of nano calcium carbonate.

(4) Specialization

In addition, with the development of calcium carbonate industry, there have been many special coatings calcium carbonate. Some have specific crystal shape, some are smaller than 0.1, some are not easy to settle, some have high luster, some are easy to disperse, more and more high-end manufacturers are looking for special calcium carbonate for coating.

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